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Deploying a Streamlit app with python

Last year I created a 2020 Masters predictor, published on Tableau, which (correctly!) identified Dustin Johnson as the winner in the week before the tournament (you can see the dashboard here). This year, I want to create a similar app, but keep the entire process in python by leveraging the Streamlit API.

This is my first Streamlit app; my aim for this blog is to share the steps I took to create it, and assess how it compares to other…

A beginner’s guide to sentiment analysis on your WhatsApp chats

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Sentiment analysis and other forms of NLP have massively grown in popularity over the past few years, and non more so than in Python. Whilst I’ve been running sentiment analysis and other text analytics across other platforms for a number of years, I wanted to expand my learning and explore running it in Python, which is a language I’m newer to.

Hopefully, this can be used as a guide for anyone who is also relatively new to sentiment analysis.

5 Steps

It’s sometimes pointed out to me that I’m quite a negative person. Not to sound negative, but I strongly disagree.


Using APIs and spatial analytics to optimise and plan your “new normal” social life

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An app to optimize travel when meeting friends, using APIs and spatial analytics

Back in 2019, I built an app that quickly gave me and my friends a list of the ‘best’ places to meet up. This factored in the type of place, each person’s travel time, reviews, price etc. Whilst at the time I used it as ‘a bit of fun’ and a useful foray deeper into using APIs in spatial analytics, I’m hoping it might be more useful than ever as we enter a ‘new normal’, as a means to minimize travel for everyone and find new and less crowded places to meet.

This was written alongside my development in Alteryx…

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